ESP8266-07 Breakout Board

ESP8266-07 Breakout Board

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ESP8266-07 Breakout Board, Breadboard Friendly

This board is fully soldered, assembled and tested

  • ESP8266-07 module
  • Input Power 5V DC (1A)
  • Integrated Power Supply for the ESP8266-07 (3.3V)
  • Flash Button
  • Reset Button
  • Power LED
  • Dimensions: 49 x 27 mm
  • Nodemcu firmware is installed
  • A simple webpage is installed to turn ON/ OFF  all GPIO Pins
  • Power Cable is included

As with all these ESP2866 modules you need to configure your SSID information in the module. You need two things to do this:

  • USB to Serial converter 3.3V (you need 3.3V and NOT 5V !)
  • Software to configure your SSID information in the module. (we recommend the software: LuaLoader from Benlo.)

All ESP8266 modules are not 5V tolerant. Connecting RX,TX on Arduino module will destroy this module. Use level converters when connecting on Arduino.

This extra information is not reflecting this Breakout Board !
There are many factories in the world that produce these ESP8266-07 modules. About 30% of these modules have crossed chip pins GPIO4 and GPIO5. This is not a big problem if you know how to handle this in the software. We also by this ESP8266-07 modules for delivering with this kit, but we can’t see which one we bought. This Breakout Board is very simple. All chip pins reflecting the Pin Header pins.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions49 × 27 × 15 mm