KEELOQ Basic System Board

KEELOQ Basic System Board

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KEELOQ Basic System Board

This is a KEELOQ Basic System Board. It decodes the signals from the remote control and converts them to active outputs.

The receiver IC is a HCS512 and the transmitter ICs are HCS361.

All KEELOQ systems receive their own Manufacturer Code that is only shared with the buyer.
This Manufacurer Code is created randomly and is important for safe and secure operation of the system and for connecting remote controls.

Can be used for many applications such as garage door openers, gate openers, door openers and much more.


  • 48 Bits Seed Code
  • Four input channels through the transmitter
  • Four output channels
  • All four output channels are active for 0.5 seconds after pressing a button on the remote control (this is a standard setting)
  • VIN is 12 to 24 Volts
  • 433.92 MHz ASK or FSK (default is ASK)
  • Two voltage outputs to use for a relay board. 5V and VIN
  • Four output channels to use for a Relay Board (such as the RE-0569)
  • Two remote controls are supplied per RE-0568 system
  • Board dimensions: 100 x 70mm


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