LED Flasher 4 Power Channels – DIY

LED Flasher 4 Power Channels – DIY

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High Power LED Flasher / Strobe 4 Channels with PIC12F629 and ICSP connector to load your owm program.

4 Channel LED Flasher for normal LEDs and High Power LEDs 1W or 3W.

The microcontroller (PIC12F629) is pre programmed to generate 7 different flash patterns for the LEDs. Every time the pattern button is pushed it goes to the next pattern.

Four Amber Control LED’s are included in this package. You can use these LEDs to see which pattern is running.

This board has a ICSP interface. You can load your own programm into the microcontroller with a PicKit 2 or 3.

  • Board input voltage: 9 – 18V
  • Maximum current per channel is 2A.

Every channel can drive for example;

  • 3 x 1W LEDs in series (12V and 350mA per LED = 350mA per channel)
  • 3 x 3W LEDs in series (12V and 700mA per LED = 700mA per channel)

For every LEDs in series you need a appropriate resistor to use it. Use a LED – Resistor Calculator on internet to determine the appropriate resistor.

PCB dimensions: L=92mm, W=50mm and H=23mm (including mosfet’s)

Including a Assembly Manual.

This product is delivered without High Power LEDs. This kit includes the PCB, components, programmed microcontroller and a assembly manual.

This is a Do It Yourself product. You need to solder all the components yourself.

DEMO on YouTube:

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Weight300 g
Dimensions95 × 50 × 22 mm