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LTC6090IS8E#PBF – Original from Linear Technology/Analog Devices

  • Operational Amplifier, Rail-to-Rail O/P, 1 Amplifier, 12 MHz, 21 V/?s, 9.5V to 140V
  • Case Style: NSOIC8
  • The LTC6090IS8E#PBF from Linear Technology is a 140V CMOS rail to rail output, picoamp input current operational amplifier in 8 lead plastic SO package. The high voltage, precision monolithic operational amplifier is unity gain stable. Amplifier features high open loop gain, low input referred offset voltage and noise and pA input bias current and are ideal for high voltage, high impedance buffering and/or high gain configurations. The amplifier is internally protected against over temperature conditions. This amplifier may run from a single 140V or spit ?70V power supplies and are capable of driving up to 200pF of load capacitance. It is used in ATE, piezo drivers, photodiode amplifier, high voltage regulators and optical networking.
  • Genuine product from Linear Technology/Analog Devices – brand new and ESD safe packed

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Weight10 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 mm