Mini Controller for WS2812B LEDs

Mini Controller for WS2812B LEDs

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Mini Controller for WS2812B LEDs with 300 Mode / Effects


  • Voltage: 5V (This is the normal 5 Volt version)
  • Current: <20ma
  • Working Temperature: -20 ~ 60C
  • Mode / Effects: More than 300 kinds, most of all the effects of dream color changes
  • Operating with 4 Keys
  • Maximum control : 2048 LEDs / Pixels


  • On/Off
  • Mode + Mode –
  • Mode/Speed:(When push the Mode/Speed and (-) button at the same time, it will change to Automatic play all modes)

How to add or reduce the Pixels:
(Only the closed controller could add the pixels.)

  • Press: Off key
  • Press: Mode/Speed and (+) to add or (-) to recude¬† the Pixels number
  • At the same time, you could keep the Mode/Speed button to quickly add the pixels.
  • Press: On/Off key at last.

You cannot power the WS2812B LEDs from the Mini Controller.You need an external Power Supply to give the power (Amp) to the LEDs. The controller only controls the digital signal for the LEDs

Voltage lower than 4.5V will not work Voltage higher than 5.5V will damage the controller. Maximum LEDs / Pixels to control is 2048 pieces.

See our Wiring / connection diagram:Mini Controller for WS2812B LEDs (Normal standard 5V version)

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Weight25 g
Dimensions40 × 12 × 3 mm