Two Channel High Power LED Flasher with Programmable PIC12F1840

Two Channel High Power LED Flasher with Programmable PIC12F1840

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Two Channel High Power LED Flasher with Programmable PIC12F1840

(The same as the Velleman MK180 but more extensive, updated and easier to handle)

This LED Flash can be used for many different purposes:

  • Priority and Emergency Vehicles, etc.
  • RC Car, Boat, Airplane, Drone, etc.
  • Attention Grabber for Shops, Displays, Trade Shows, etc.
  • Alarm Systems, etc.
  • And much more

Many different LEDs can be used:

  • Normal low current LEDs
  • High Power LEDs
  • LED Strips
  • And much more


This LED flasher is delivered with preprogrammed software for flashing the LEDs and has seven LED flash patterns (effects). With the potentiometer you can change the flash speed of the LEDs on every pattern. The switch is used for chancing to the next flash pattern.

You can make your own flash software and upload this to the microcontroller on this unit. The microcontroller is a PIC12F1840 and the program connector is a standard (Microchip) ICSP pin header.


  • Power input: 12-24V DC
  • Connector for external On and Off switching of this unit
  • Output per channel: Max 4A (High Power Mosfets)
  • Seven pre-programmed Flash Patterns
  • Switch for selecting the next Flash Pattern
  • Potentiometer for regulating flash speed
  • Microcontroller: PIC12F1840
  • Program interface: ICSP
  • The two LED boards can be easily broken off the PCB

This unit comes standard with 12 red and 12 blue frosted (diffused) 5mm LEDs

The standard resistors supplied with the LEDs make the LEDs suitable for 12V. For a different voltage, for example 24V, different LED resistors must be used.

Need different color LEDs ? Or is the supply voltage 24V?
Leave a message (comment field) if you would like other color LEDs or different LED Resistors.

Detailed documentation and instructions are delivered with this kit.

Download the standard firmware for this LED Flasher:  Download RE-0141 V1.0

This is a DIY KIT you have to solder all the components.

Additional information

Weight124 g
Dimensions100 × 50 × 10 mm