WS2812B Complete Starter Kit

WS2812B Complete Starter Kit

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WS2812B Complete Starter Kit

This Complete Starter Kit contains everything you need to play (and test your programs) with the WS2812B LED’s and the programmable NANO v3 controller.

This kit contains the following components:

  • 1 x WS2812B PCB with 10 LED’s and Capacitors. Completely soldered.
  • 1x NANO v3. Preprogrammed with a “Rainbow” program
  • 4 x Dupont Wires (Female / Male)
  • 1 x Dupont Wire (Female / Female)
  • PIN Headers

Connect multiple PCB’s together by connecting DO pin to the DI pin from the next PCB. (Digital Output –> Digital Input)

Just connect the NANO to the PCB and all is ready for immediately use.

Built your own program in the Arduino Software and upload this to the NANO.

You need to solder the PIN Headers, if you want to use them. Some buyers using wires instead of PIN Headers.

A typical USB computer port delivers 5V and up to 500 mA of power.  This is not enough for the NANO and 10 WS282B LED’s. Use a 5V / 1A (or more) external switching power supply and connect the NANO and the PCB to the 5V power lines.

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Weight25 g
Dimensions100 × 10 × 1.6 mm