The KEELOQ system is a secure way to manage remote systems such as garage doors, car openers, door openers and many more. This system is also known as a Keyless Entry Application.

KEELOQ uses a own Manufacture Code per system. (Master Key) This factory code is owner dependent. Each owner can get their own Manufacture Code for the entire KEELOQ system that is in use. This owner specific Manufacture Code must be kept in a secret place.

We automatically generate a Manufacturer Code that is shared with only the owner of the KEELOQ system.

If the owner knows the Manufacturer Code than we can make new or extra remote controls. If the Manufacturer Code is unknown by the owner then we can reprogram the whole system or replace the KEELOQ Chips with a new Manufacturer Code.

In almost most cases we can also move the current KEELOQ chips to a new remote control. If this is possible, of course.

A normal KEELOQ system is activated by pressing the button with the remote control. This signal lasts 0.5 seconds. (off – ON – off) The electrical circuit (relays and limit switches) then takes care of the rest. Common with garage door openers and more.

Our KEELOQ systems can also be equipped with an extra chip that controls the activation. Example: Press button A, the output is activated, press button A again and the output is deactivated. This chip can also remember the current position in the event of a power failure if this is desirable.

Program Service:
We can program the following HCS / MCS IC’s with a own or existing Manufacturer Key.

Transmitter (Encoder)

Receiver (Decoder)

28-01-2021 – will be further adjusted