LED Flasher 8 Power Channels

LED Flasher 8 Power Channels

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LED Flasher 8 Power Channels

This LED Flasher is designed for emergency flashing LED’s on a car, truck and all other vehicles or equipment.

Demonstration video with SIMPLE LEDs: See below.

  • Technical information:
  • This LED Flasher has 8 Channels with NPN Power Mosfets
  • Use for LEDs with 20 mA to Power LEDS with 350mA, 700mA and so on
  • On board is a small LED Bar to see which pattern is selected
  • Per channel you can use 2A for the LEDs in Flashing Mode
  • Built-in are 7 Flash Patterns
  • MODE Button to change the LED Pattern
  • A buzzer beeps by Power On and every change of a flash pattern
  • Connectors for external switches for ON/OFF and MODE Select
  • ICSP Connector for uploading your own program / firmware to the Microchip PIC16F690
  • Terminal Block blue (8 PIN) for easy wire connections to the Power LEDs
  • Unused PIN’s of the PIC16F690 are free to use and are connected to a green Terminal Block
  • The green Terminal Block has a Power Out for 5V and GND
  • Input Voltage is 9 to 18 Volt

The standard firmware in this Led Flasher is made for use with a LCD Display (16×2) and it shows an “Operate” message and the selected flash pattern. This LCD Display is connected to the green Terminal Block. (LCD Display and PCB are not included by this item. You can buy this separate in our Shop)

This is a DIY product, you must solder the THT components on this PCB. All the SMD components are mechanical soldered on this PCB.

1 PCB with soldered SMD Componets
1 Package with all the THT Components
1 Microchip PIC16F690 with pre-installed standard Firmware
1 Documentation

Download the standard Firmware on the link below:
RE-142 Standard Firmware


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Weight100 g
Dimensions100 × 60 × 22 mm