Dynamask / Solder Mask 10 pcs 20 x 30 CM

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Dynamask / Solder Mask 10 sheets 20 x 30 CM. Including 50 gram developer.

We sell this product in original and new quality. No jokes and no fake !!
The video on YouTube is our video to show how this product works.

Use: Check our demonstration on YouTube

  • Clean the board with acetone. The board should be cleaned completely.
  • Remove the tick layer from the Solder Mask. (use two pieces of Scotch tape)
  • Laminate in a HOT laminator. (Switch the laminator to the hottest position and wait 10 minutes)
  • The Solder Mask should never overlap board! (Otherwise your laminator rollers will be break and you have to clean them)
  • Laminate exactly like above video shows. Solder Mask and board should meet each other at the laminating rollers. (in order to avoid any air bubbles)
  • Press the board about 4 times through the laminator and cool immediately, under cold water to get a good adhesion.
  • Expose (approx. 45 sec. at 4×15 watt UV) to the Solder Stop layer.
  • Lay down the board: one hour in a dark place. This is an important step!
  • Remove the seccond layer. (use Scotch tape)
  • Develop in 1 ltr water and 10 grams developer at 45 degrees celsius.
  • Use a soft acrylic brush for developing. Gently rub the board.

If things haven’t worked out OK completely, you can just leave the board in the developer. After a few hours, everything will be dissolved and you can start all over again. In this case you need to make new developer.

  • After developing do not touch the Solder Mask.
  • Rinse with water and let the board dry.
  • 30 minutes to harden under UV light

Keep this foil in the box and store in a cool and dark place.

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Weight225 g
Dimensions200 × 305 mm