PCB Rivet / Eyelet Drill

PCB Rivet / Eyelet Drill

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1 Solid Tungsten Carbide Drill bit for use with PCB Rivets

Produces clean holes in multi-layer or standard circuit boards Use with Proxxon, Dremel or other Drill Machines.

We ship this Drill in a plastic tube for safe shipping.


Drill 0.6 mm is for Rivet type A (0.4 x 0.6 mm)
Drill 0.8 mm is for Rivet type B (0.6 x 0.8 mm)
Drill 1.0 mm is for Rivet type C (0.8 x 1.0 mm)
Drill 1.4 mm is for Rivet type D (1.0 x 1.4 mm)
Drill 1.6 mm is for Rivet type E (1.2 x 1.6 mm)
Drill 1.9 mm is for Rivet type F (1.5 x 1.9 mm)

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions40 × 10 × 20 mm
Drill Diameter

Drill 0.6 mm for Rivet Type A, Drill 0.8 mm for Rivet Type B, Drill 1.0 mm for Rivet Type C, Drill 1.4 mm for Rivet Type D, Drill 1.6 mm for Rivet Type E, Drill 1.9 mm for Rivet Type F